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This website is designed to inform Siyani’s around the world where their heritage stems from and how the interconnections bring us together as a family all over the world.

People from Kanbi (Kurmi, Kunbi) belong to a sub-caste of the Kshatriya Varna and were associated with having a farming and agricultural background. The people who left Punjab were KANBI (Kurmi, Kunbi) from Leava (Leva) and KARAD villages of the GUJARANWALA district (presently in Pakistan). After staying for a short period in Marvad (now area of Rajasthan), they left for Khambhat (Kheda District). On hearing that there was uncultivated land available, this brought them Gujarat. It is believed that from Khambhat our ancestors moved to Gondal in the region of Halar. Map of Halar Our roots can be dated back to the mid 17th century to the town of Gondal. Our surname name Siyani, was largely down to a member of the clan known as Siya Bapa whom was instrumental in the move away from Gondal to another small town (Gaam) known as Manukwa in the state of Kutch. Hence, we are sometimes known as Gondalya Siyani. From here, many Siyani’s dispersed to all parts of Kutch such as Kodki and Majaphur and the foundations of our early history were set. It is possible that many of our descendants may still reside in the region of Gondal.
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